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Board Leadership

2018 Chair:  Jim Bowlby, Aquaterra/SCS

2018 Co-Chair:  Bob Granica, Lennar

More Information: Chérie Talbert, HBA Senior Vice President & Executive Director of the Metro Housing Coalition Political Committee 303-551-6734

By joining this committee you will learn the issues that cost you time and money, share ideas with other leaders and industry experts, and become more effective in leading your company through the ever-increasing maze of regulations.  - Jeff Whiton, HBA of Metro Denver CEO

Stormwater Management Committee Info

Membership Requirements

HBA member in good standing

Meeting Times

HBA Stormwater Committee meetings will be quarterly in 2018. Please confirm the time and date with Chérie Talbert.

About the Stormwater Management Committee

Mission Statement

The Stormwater Management Committee promotes education about best management practices for stormwater management and erosion control to protect the state's waterways. The committee closely works with state and local regulators to ensure an ongoing conversation and willingness to work together in protecting water quality.

What's Happening in the Committee

HBA working with Urban Drainage to navigate new regulations:

The HBA Stormwater Committee regularly provides comments to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) in regard to proposed revisions to the construction stormwater general permit. Currently the Committee is committed to working on the CDPHE Phase II MS4 Permit.  CDPHE has not yet finished the 2nd round of comments, however, the draft permit and fact sheet are in final stages of development.

For a brochure outlining the changes from the current general permit, to the second draft of the general permit, please visit CDPHE at www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/wq-ms4-permits. To sign up receive further emails from the division regarding the renewal, go to: www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/stormwater-discharges-associated-construction-activities-general-permit-renewal

The HBA Stormwater Committee will be monitoring the FEMA floodplain re-mapping efforts, which could have heavy implications to building and insurance industries. This issue will be closely observed at the national (by NAHB) level as well. 

The HBA Stormwater Committee has a Technical Comments and Review Committee. If you are interested in being a part of that sub-committee or for more information about the broader committee contact:  Chérie Talbert, HBA Senior Vice President & Executive Director of the Metro Housing Coalition Political Committee 303-551-6734