10 Trends Defining The Construction Industry

Image Courtesy of ConstructionDive.com

When experts discuss rapidly evolving industries, construction rarely makes its way into the conversation. In some ways, this exclusion is warranted, as veteran construction managers and executives have often been resistant to major advancements and new methods in their industry. Kevin Max, managing director of major projects advisory at KPMG’s New York office, called construction "an industry that evolves and moves rather slowly" during an interview with Construction Dive in May.

Change, however, is becoming a more welcome concept for builders, as many are embracing innovations and changing consumer tastes. At the same time, trends in the markets have a major impact on construction professionals, who must constantly keep up with the strength of the industry as it struggles to get back on its feet.

To help busy professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the commercial and residential sectors, we’ve compiled a list of 10 major trends driving construction.  

1. The shortage of qualified labor continues to plague the industry.

Everyone knew this was coming. During the recession and subsequent years of struggle for the building industry, qualified labor across all sectors fled in search of work elsewhere. Now that the industry is recovering, those workers just aren't coming back. The area hit the hardest... Read the rest of the article

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