2015 Sponsorship Information Announced

Advertising prices are as follows for a minimum of 500 printed sponsorship opportunity booklets:

Camera ready ads for sponsorship booklet
(approx. 5” x 8”) Full page - $500
(approx. 4”x5”) ½ page - $250
(approx. 2”x5”) ¼ page - $150
We also have banner advertising on the website:
Leaderboard (image size 728x90): $500 for 12 months, $300 for 6 months
Small banner ads (logos) on council pages (image size 300x225): $250 for 12 months (2 sponsors max. per page)
Advertising for Council and Committee tri-folds:
Logos on 1000 printed trifold: $250 (3 max. per tri-fold)
20% discount on banner ads if advertising in sponsor booklet.
For more information or to reserve your spot on for these advertising opportunities, please contact Heather Attardo at hattardo@hbadenver.com.
Download 2015 Sponsorship Booklet

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