6 New Year's resolutions for construction managers

It's ’s a brand new year and time to take inventory of your goals for 2016. Construction managers have huge responsibilities, so it can’t hurt to reevaluate and, if necessary, set some new strategies in order to rev up your results for the coming year.

1. Commit to safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ramped up its enforcement, as well as its rhetoric, regarding jobsite safety last year, and 2016 promises to bring more of the same. The agency is focused on all aspects of jobsite safety, particularly issues of fall protection. OSHA doled out major fines last year, including $85,000 to a New York contractor for fall protection violations resulting in a worker's death, $105,000 to a North Dakota contractor for violations related to a serious worker injury, and $264,000 to an Illinois contractor for a series of fall protection violations.

But it’s not just OSHA who has demonstrated a low tolerance for unsafe working conditions. Just last month, construction workers in New York Citymarched to protest unsafe working conditions after a New York Timesinvestigation revealed a higher-than-average number of worker deaths resulting from the city’s construction boom, with immigrant workers accounting for a disproportionately high percentage of the incidents.

So now’s the time to make sure your safety bases are covered by holding daily meetings, posting OSHA forms and notices in the correct places, and making sure you provide your employees with the correct safety training andequipment.

If safer working conditions aren’t enough motivation, be sure to consider the fact that OSHA will likely raise its fines an estimated 80% by August of this year.

2. Accept technology as your friend

From building information modeling to drones to mobile apps, the industry’s technology front has burst wide open. Try to squeeze as much productivity as possible out of your workday by experimenting with some new technologies. Read the rest of the article from Construction Dive

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