Oppose SB 45! Please email your state senator now!

Please email your state senator now!!

Colorado desperately needs construction defects reform but Senate Bill 45 is not the answer! 
This bill will continue to block the construction of attainable housing in Colorado by stripping legal protections put into place by state law and adding another lawyer of litigation on already over-burdened courts. 
This bill also puts the interests of insurance companies ahead of the insured. 
SB 45 repeals popular, overwhelmingly bipartisan insurance reform passed seven years ago (with 91 yes votes, four no, and 5 excused) that requires, when there are multiple insurers, that they defend a notice of claim, reasonably investigate the claim and reasonably cooperate with the insured. It also prohibited insurers from withdrawing a defense or recovering defense costs from an insured unless specific conditions are met.
Dismantling this law, could allow insurers to delay paying any defense costs until the court’s allocation decision is made and final—which could take six months to a year, or possibly more. Currently, insurers have to pay defense costs starting immediately.
This puts the interests of insurers ahead of insureds and hurts construction professionals, who must buy insurance to stay in business.
Most importantly, this bill discourages the construction of condos and multi-family housing that Coloradans so desperately need. 
Act Now... 
Please click Take Action on HOA’s website to submit a letter to your state senator asking for him or her to oppose SB 45.  And share this Call to Action with your coalition members. 
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