Buying the Experience - Presented by Jeff Shore

Buying the Experience - Presented by Jeff Shore 

In this riveting 3-hour workshop, real estate sales expert Jeff Shore takes you on a tour of your buyer's mind and emotions - from their initial threat perceptions, to understanding their pains and promises and the forward to the joy of falilng in love with their dream home. Jeff's all-new workshop will show you exactly:

  • How a homebuyer's mental shortcuts threaten the sale - and what to do about that
  • How to quickly and securely establish your role as "assistant buyer"
  • How to identify and correct your own cognitive errors in the sales process
  • How to stop "demonstrating" homes by instead creating unforgettable experiences
  • ...and much more!

Wednesday, June 24th - 9:00 - Noon - Lone Tree Arts Center, located at 10075 Commons Street, Lone Tree, CO 80124

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