Corps Sheds Light on Plant List

Photo courtesy of NAHB

In response to NAHB members’ repeated requests, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published the National Wetland Plant List in the Federal Register on Sept. 14 for notice and comment.

The Plant List is a Corps document that guides professionals who assist developers and builders in identifying wetlands at potential building sites. Importantly, where there are wetlands, there are often federal, state, or local regulations and permits.
Since 2012, NAHB members have been concerned with revisions to the list, which includes trees, flowers and grasses that aren’t necessarily confined to wetlands and can result in confusing or erroneous jurisdictional determinations. 
Unfortunately, the Corps had failed to comply with regulatory rulemaking requirements as it updates the list. As a result, the list lacks transparency and predictability. Read the rest of the article on NAHB Now


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