Denver’s chronic housing shortage may peak this year, but the fix could take another decade
Region facing a deficit of 32,000 homes and apartments

More than a decade after the Great Recession swept through Colorado and decimated an overbuilt real estate market, metro Denver is now experiencing the other extreme: a chronic tight supply of housing that is sending home prices and apartment rents skyward.

It could take another 10 years or more to correct the imbalance, according to a new report on Denver’s housing crunch that points to a complex set of factors confronting metro-area homebuyers and renters, particularly those on the lower end or entry level of the market.
Those include shortages of available land for residential development and workers in certain trades, a backlash against growth, low productivity in the construction business and evolving consumer preferences toward bigger homes with more amenities combined with builders’ preference for selling higher-end properties. Read the article by By ALDO SVALDI | | The Denver Post

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