FEMA Must Get its Flood Remapping Process Right

NAHB Chairman Tom Woods told Congress Thursday that it is vitally important that the Federal Emergency Management Agency gets is remapping process right so the National Flood Insurance Program can continue providing affordable insurance to property owners.

Participating in a roundtable held by the House Financial Services Committee’s Housing and Insurance Subcommittee

Flooded Streets

Woods said that for flood maps to be fair and accurate, they have to take into account all local conditions and flood control structures, including levees and dams.

“There have been reported cases of FEMA neglecting to factor in these privately funded flood control structures, or drawing in rivers or streams where none exists,” Woods said. “Consequently, many properties are incorrectly mapped into floodplains, which result in home owners being forced to purchase unneeded flood insurance.

“It typically takes years for these mistakes to be fixed,” Woods added, “often requiring a lengthy and costly process for the community, builder and home owner.”

Because inaccurate maps can cause long-term problems, Woods stressed it is essential to ensure that maps are correct to prevent home owners from paying unnecessary premiums, as well as protect those who are inaccurately placed outside of the floodplain.

NAHB continues to work closely with lawmakers to ensure communities and home owners are protected, and will testify before the House panel next week on this issue.

Story Courtesy of NAHBNow http://nahbnow.com/2016/01/fema-must-get-its-flood-remapping-process-right/

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