Foes of Lakewood growth-control initiative come out with dukes up

Growth-control proposals would rein in residential construction, like these units at Lakewood’s Belmar redevelopment. (via YouTube)

The Lakewood city clerk swept aside legal challenges Monday to a growth-control initiative that likely will face voters in the west Denver metro suburb this fall, so the fight is on. And critics of the measure have come out swinging. Cassie Tanner of Lakewood United for Responsible Growth, which was organized to fight the initiative, issued a blistering press statement following the clerk’s decision:

“Whether or not this 14-page, 4,800-word ticking time bomb of unintended consequences can legally appear on the ballot is debatable question. But there is no debating the fact that this Boulder-style anti-growth ordinance will make it more expensive for working families and seniors to live in Lakewood. And it will be a bonanza for the lawyers and the lobbyists who will be needed to navigate the arcane new permitting system.
Tomorrow Lakewood United for Responsible Growth is launching a digital ad campaign against the anti-growth ballot measure, featuring Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul, public school teacher Christine Wiggins, WestFax Brewing’s Anthony Martuscello and others.
There is a rising wave of opposition to this measure, from across the community and across the political spectrum.”
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