Today the Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver (HBF) launches a nine-day campaign to raise $10,000 to fund a vertical platform lift for an 11-year-old Boulder resident.  
Kyla B. is an eleven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. She was born premature on August 24, 2003, at 24 weeks and spent four months in the ICU before she was able to come home. Her disability, caused by the complications of her birth, has limited her mobility and she now uses a wheelchair or walker to get around.
The HBF recently completed the first part of Kyla's project by making her bathroom accessible. Kyla is now able to shower and brush her teeth independently. However, she still needs independent access into and out of her home.
Without the lift, Kyla's parents have to carry her up two flights of stairs. The lift would allow Kyla to enter and exit her own home with her mobility device, be it her walker or wheelchair. 
To allow Kyla independent access into and out of her home, the HBF plans to install a vertical platform lift. To do so, the HBF is calling for support raising $10,000 by Wednesday, April 29th. Thanks to a grant from Professional Miracles Foundation, already over $2,000 has been raised.
 “Kyla is very active and loves doing adaptive gymnastics, swimming and skiing. She also loves her dog, Wally. Granting her this liberty with the lift would be a dream come true for Kyla and our family.” Paul B., Kyla’s father.
To make a donation, visit www.hbfdenver.org/aliftforkyla/ or call 303-551-6721.
To learn more about HBF and the services they provide, or to get involved with the organization as a volunteer or partner, visit www.hbfdenver.org.

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