Housing's Labor Crisis Worsens


Courtesy of BuilderOnline.com

National Association of Home Builders economist Paul Emrath top lines a new NAHB analysis that illustrates that as volume demand ramps up in housing markets nationwide, the crisis around reliable labor capacity escalates. Here's the drill-down on subcontractor shortages, trade by trade.


This, of course, is a signature issue BUILDER is working with sister company Metrostudy to put into a market-by-market geographical heat-map, with support from Acme Brick, Johns Manville, Lubrizol, and MiTek--Berkshire Hathaway Companies. We've remarked that it's one of housing's key issues right now, as it directly and totally impacts builders' ability to deliver new homes to all-tiers of the pricing spectrum, or not. Of course, the problem is not sheering the "hands" necessary to get work done, but the cost of labor based on constraints in the area's capacity in each of the building disciplines.


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