Let’s welcome our newest group of HBA members!

We’re kicking off 2016 right by spreading the wealth of knowledge that we all work so hard to attain. Earlier this month, the NAHB spoke to the value of our educational programs by honoring more than 20 HBA members. A number of our members shared their expertise by presenting at this year’s International Business Show. Plus, we’re keeping the momentum going in February with an accredited Metro Denver HBA University course on customer service.

This year is moving fast, but not too fast to forget our newest members, seven new members in all! This doesn’t include renewals and those who have chosen to rejoin, which accounts for another 62 members of our thriving organization!

New members include: Eric Eckberg, JE Home; Mike Davidson, Hartford Homes; David Reitz, HR Green, Inc.; Sandi Thomas, Newland Real Estate Group; Burk Moreland, Rainmaker Builders; Eric Seelig, Three Elements Timberworks Inc.; and John Smilanic, Zephyr Ventilation. Thank you for joining the HBA. We value your membership.

Thinking of joining or know of others who would like to join? Learn the benefits of membership at http://www.hbadenver.com/membership.html.

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