Mayor Lee orders San Francisco to build 5,000 new homes annually
San Francisco mayor directs city to cut permitting time in half
Photo via U.S. Department of Labor

On Wednesday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee mandated a citywide goal of 5,000 new homes built every year, asking all city agencies with a hand in permitting to cut average wait times in half to facilitate more construction.

Although the city produced more housing annually in recent years (the average over the past 30 years is a mere 1,900 units/year), output has declined as of late.
The U.S. Census estimates, released two weeks ago, report that the city added only 2,600 new units of housing between 2015 and 2016. The year before, San Francisco added 3,500 new homes, itself down from 5,500 the previous year
“The mistakes of the past must not be repeated,” said Lee his executive directive titled “Keeping Up the Pace of Housing,” the article

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