NAHB Helps EPA Simplify Stormwater Permitting Process for Small Builders


Builders know that to protect nearby rivers and streams from the effects of stormwater discharge from a jobsite, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires developers and builders to apply for a Construction General Permit (CGP) before they begin work on any project that disturbs more than one acre of land.

Builders must also apply for projects on smaller lots if they are part of a larger land development project that will disturb more than one acre of land.

As a result, most builders who purchase a single lot from a developer still need to perform all the CGP permitting steps, like developing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) and corresponding paperwork as the developer for the same parcel of land.

That duplicative permitting burden and resulting confusion has long been a concern, and NAHB has more than once pitched the idea of a “single lot permit” to EPA staff...  Read the whole story on NAHB Now


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