Safety Consultant Finds Rewarding Work in Keeping Others Safe
Safety Consultant Finds Rewarding Work in Keeping Others Safe


Dan Johnson believes in empowering workers to save lives and works daily to encourage other builders to do the same.

A certified safety professional with over 20 years of experience in safety, Johnson, who serves as managing partner of SFI Compliance, a safety consulting firm based in Parker, Colo., works hand in hand with thousands of builders across the country to ensure safe jobsites.

Last year, NAHB recognized him as the 2014 Safety Professional of the Year for the role he played in creating a safety program designed to empower workers to “have a voice for safety.”

“We wanted to give every employee the ability to stop work or work processes when it’s not being done safely,” Johnson said. “Through this program, they’re encouraged to speak up and say something, and they have the training to back it up.”

The safety training and empowerment program is being used nationwide by over 30,000 home builders and 50-60 residential and commercial construction companies who have made workplace safety a priority.

Though the program is comprehensive in scope, Johnson said the training places heavy emphasis on fall protection, scaffolding safety and especially, jobsite awareness, or people understanding what’s going on around them.

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