NAHB Weighs in on Building Code Proposals

The International Code Council (ICC) is preparing for 10 days of hearings on the first batch of proposals to amend the 2021 edition of the building and energy codes.

The good news: NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards committee members and staff are already on the job, preparing the building industry’s arguments to support safe, sensible code changes and jettison proposals that add money, time or materials to building practices that are not cost-effective, benefit product manufacturers more than their customers, or generally won’t work as advertised.

Last month, members of the NAHB Proposal Oversight Group pored over the more than 1,300 proposals submitted for consideration at the ICC Committee Action Hearings, which take place in Columbus, Ohio April 15-25.

The members are particularly concerned about three suggested amendments that would add to the cost of construction without an accompanying benefit to the health and safety of the home owner – the stakeholders NAHB represents when they testify at these hearings.

F267 Part 1 and 2: These proposals both require that four-story or higher buildings of combustible (e.g., wood frame) construction have gypsum board or other noncombustible materials... Read More

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