According to Metrostudy, three-month composite scores for new-home demand in winter show that markets (and buyers) are thawing out as spring blooms. 

Spring is upon us, and builders are battling amid the much ballyhooed spring selling season after a long—and fairly flat—winter. 
Over the past year, Metrostudy regional directors from 36 housing markets have recorded new home and new building lot demand from the ground floor, providing local insight into market temperature for builders in the industry. The three-month composite scores for new-home demand during late fall/early winter and the late winter months (January, February, and March included) illustrate how each market fared during the winter lull, while March's raw scores hint at how each market might bounce back (or not) in the spring and summer selling season. Market scores in our illustration are grouped regionally by color and identified by state, making trends in the new-home market transparent at a national and state level. Scores over the past six months reveal whether market health at those levels is impacted by the winter months, or if new-home demand is weaker in general, weather aside. 
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