Profits Matter: Which Remodelers Make the Most

When it comes to the performance of your business, size doesn’t matter. What matters is the amount of profit in your pocket.

Profit envy shouldn’t be your primary motivation in running a successful business. But knowing how much the competition is bringing in can help you better gauge your financial performance and further enhance your industry intellect.

NAHB is currently surveying all of its remodeler members to provide them with real-market benchmarks they can use to compare their business to others, pinpoint improvement opportunities and set budget targets.

Last year, NAHB conducted a similar survey among its builder members to develop the Cost of Doing Business Study, 2016 Edition. The study found that in 2014, single-family builders had an average revenue of $16.2 million, 9% higher than in 2012 and 130% higher than in 2010. Builders also reported a gross profit margin averaging 18.9% and spent 12.5% of their total revenue on operating expenses.   Read the Story

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