SB 156 Construction Defect Reform UPDATE!
Colorado State Senate Moves Comprehensive Construction Defects Reform Forward
Chérie Talbert, HBA Senior Vice President
HBA's Chérie Talbert, Architect of Construction
Defect Reform

In a bipartisan show of support, the Colorado State Senate Monday moved SB 156, a comprehensive construction defects bill, forward towards a final senate vote.

The HBA of Metro Denver, lead by the lobbying efforts of Chérie Talbert, convinced 17 area cities to pass construction defect reform ordinances over the past two years.  This lead to the bill, backed by the entire Metro Mayors Caucus and Homeownership Opportunity Alliance, a broad coalition that includes housing advocates and business leaders, that provides a common sense and balanced solution that protects consumers from faulty construction whiles also increasing diverse and more affordable options for home ownership.

“Everyone from seniors to young professionals to firefighters, teachers and other public servants are struggling to find homes they can afford,” said state Sen. Owen Hill R-Colorado Springs. “This bill helps provide hard-working Coloradans with the ability to build equity and take control of their financial future.”

State Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, a Democrat from Arvada, emphasized that SB 156 would bring relief to many Coloradans priced out of the housing market.

This is good policy for Colorado, because without construction defects reform there is no path to attainable owner-occupied multi-family housing," Zenzinger said. "This legislation creates more transparency and accountability and could be the first real step toward providing more affordable housing for people. Communities around the state have already adopted these common sense measures, and it makes sense to adopt them statewide."

The Homeownership Opportunity Alliance backed Senate Bill 156 passed out of the Senate this morning on a vote of 23-12 with strong bi-partisan support.  The bill will now head to the House for what promises to be a fascinating hearing process.

Thanks specifically to Senator Owen Hill for his outstanding work on this bill and to Senator Zenzinger for her strong support.  Also thanks to Senators Gardner and Tate for their forthright discourse in favor of the bill.

Thanks to the members of the Construction Defects Task Force, the GAC and our lobbyists for their strong efforts and support.




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