Welcome Young Leaders Council (YLC)!

Denver HBA Launches Groundbreaking Young Leaders Council (YLC) 

On December 13, 2016 the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver launched the brand new Young Leaders Council (YLC), the first of it’s kind within the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).  As the Denver HBA blazes a fresh trail, it’s already apparent that this innovative council will be making an impact for years to come.
The inspiration for the new council came from industry icon and long time HBA leader, Angela Harris, Principal at Trio Environments. With the help of industry veteran, Tina Martelon, VP of Sales and Marketing for TRIPointe Homes, the vision became a reality. Looking for a way to engage the younger generation entering the industry and get them involved, Martelon says "When the idea came my way to launch a Young Leader's Council I was thrilled to be involved.  As someone who was always one of the youngest in my sphere, I was excited to pass on a few things I have learned over the years.  I was blessed early in my career to be associated with people who believed in me and I can only hope to help others connect and feel confident in their roles within this great industry.” The council is strictly limited to men and women under the age of 40 who are actively involved in any aspect of the homebuilding industry. 
With a powerhouse inaugural executive Board of Directors that includes: Lauren Karsh with Milesbrand as Chair, Joshua Dowling with Meritage Homes as Co-Chair, Katie Karpovage with Starwood as Treasurer, Stephanie Graham with TRIPointe Homes as Secretary, and Martelon and Harris as Advisors, this council will likely set the tone for many future HBA endeavors. Other inaugural Board members include: Brandon Donovan with Colorado Security Company, Jesse Hamilton with Land Title, Ashley Reuter with Lennar, Dwayne Montoya with Oakwood Homes, Kelly Stark with TRIPointe Homes, Rachel Sena with Citywide Home Loans, Emily Bonilla with Cultured Stone by Boral, Wendy Diaz with Stella Color + Design, Chase Turner with Century Communities, Gilda Zargoza with Ivalesco Properties, David Trow with Meritage Homes, Laura Burnham with David Weekly Homes, Megan Lindsey with Bear Mortgage, Brian Wilson with CVL Consultants, and Sara Berry with Wonderland Homes.
The mission of the YLC is to promote, enhance, and support young leaders within the industry by: offering professional development resources, encouraging career development and recognition, promoting and supporting community involvement, and providing networking opportunities with leaders in all facets of the industry.  “We see a healthy dichotomy of members in this group: one part made up of professionals who are new to the industry; and the other being made up of young leaders looking to move to the next level of their career. Ultimately, all members will come together to advance their careers in the homebuilding industry. ” says 2017 Chair, Karsh.
The council will initially focus on educational and networking opportunities and already has had a packed calendar of events including: 
  • Anna Christina’s “The Confident Communicator” a professional development and joint council event with the Professional Women in Building (PWB) on March 8th
  • Buy Your Own Beer Informal Networking at The Centennial View House on March 15th
  • “Young Leaders and Libations” on April 12th - more details to come soon
The goal for this up and coming council is to gain 150 members in 2017. With over seventy people on their initial interest list, that shouldn’t be a problem. Dues for the charter year are an impressive $39.99, providing an incredible value for the industry’s up and coming generation. If you are interested in joining the Young Leaders Council, click here for a member registration.  If you would like to participate in one of the council’s committees, or would like more information, please contact Lauren Karsh at ylc@hbadenver.com


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