Why the Name Change?

Many of our colleagues have asked, “why the name change?” After all, New Town Builders was well known as an award-winning builder of more than 1,000 energy efficient homes. Why walk away from a name with a great reputation?

Well, this is more than a name change…and….it’s not our first name change either.
Originally, New Town Builders was known as Greentree Homes and was a respected builder of high end custom homes in Douglas County. But when owner Gene Myers became interested in energy efficiency and creating more attainable homes in new urbanism communities, the company underwent its first name change to New Town Builders. 
Now, Gene and his team are turning their attention to building “healthy homes,” an important but little known concept. With the new focus, comes a new chapter with a new name -- Thrive Home Builders. The name underscores our commitment to innovate the next frontier in home building, creating well-crafted ‘healthy homes’ that promote our homeowners’ wellness. We’ve always been about staying ahead of trends, especially when they have a direct impact on health and the environment.
Thrive Home Builders will still build solid, energy efficient homes with signature design features, like extra thick walls, solar panels and welcoming front porches. But we’re paying attention to what’s on the inside of your home and how that impacts the air your family breathes every day. We want our homeowners to thrive in their new homes and our name shows our dedication to helping them do just that.

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