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Chérie Talbert: The Future of the HBA Keynote

Chérie Talbert; CEO-Elect of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver will become HBA CEO January 1, 2019
On Tuesday, October 23rd, Chérie Talbert delivered a keynote address to the General Membership during the 2018 Annual Meeting, titled "The Future of the HBA". The following is a transcript of her keynote:

I feel greatly honored to be confirmed as the next Executive Vice Officer and CEO of the HBA of Metro Denver.

It is also a great honor to follow Jeff Whiton in this position. He is a proud homebuilder and a great leader within this industry. And, he has taken this Association from the brink, back to being healthy. We owe Jeff an enormous thanks for his leadership and for the many improvements that he has made possible.
...

Dorys DeMiranda joins the HBA as Education & Training Manager
Dorys DeMiranda, HBA Manager of Education & Training
The Home Builders Association of Metro Denver is pleased to announce that Dorys DeMiranda recently joined the HBA as its Education & Training Manager through the HBA University (HBAU).

Dory's holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Saint Thomas University, and has worked several years in the construction industry. Having moved to Denver from Bogota, Colombia 20 years ago, Dorys has been managing and training OSHA Safety for construction and oil & gas companies since 2004 in Colorado and internationally.

Dorys is especially proud of pioneering the introduction of OSHA Regulations and Training to Latin American Countries... Read more...

2018 Call for Nominations - HBA's Annual Awards Recognition

Each year, the HBA conducts a process to select individuals for recognition at the Installation and Recognition Reception (IRR) traditionally held in early December. This year the IRR will be held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. These awards are for outstanding contribution to the Home Building Industry and the Association. These annual awards are the highest honor an HBA member can receive. The individual member selected represents the "Best and the Brightest" of the industry, in each category. These awards are given to an individual, not to the company as a whole. The categories recognized are as follows:

  • Builder of the Year
  • Associate of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
Nomination deadline is Thursday, November 15th! 
Please Click Here to nominate your choice for any or all of the 2018 Home Builder, Associate, or Volunteer of the Year categories.
...

Three top Denver builders are honored with the prestigious 2018 HAP Award
The Associate Member Council of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver recognized three outstanding Denver area home builders at the HBA's annual general membership meeting and presented them with the industry’s esteemed 2018 HAP Awards (Homebuilder and Associates in Partnership). More than 300 HBA members attended the general membership meeting, which was held October 23rd at CU South Denver in Parker.

In 1987 the Associate Member Council of the HBA of Metro Denver created the Homebuilders and Associates in Partnership award to give associate members the opportunity to show their appreciation for HBA builder members who utilize their goods and services. ... Read more...

Metrostudy chief economist Mark Boud's housing outlook assumes continued job growth.
Metrostudy's Mark Boud also sees positives outweighing near-term headwinds, at least into 2020.
How many ways are there to describe the weakness, softness, deceleration that have laid claim to the current pace and conviction in the new home market? And the short list of root causes for a market slippage--wherever any save for the lowest price tier of new homes are delivered to new neighborhoods--is now a run-on commonplace: Interest rates are up, home prices have lost traction with income growth, tax incentives have been taken out as a favorable factor, etc.... Read more...


Not without help and effective work on swaying political will by real estate investors, developers, builders, and property managers.
A reason we don't see more innovation in home building, development, residential investment, etc. that could improve productivity and "bend the cost curve" to lower home prices and rents? Too many believe improved productivity wouldn't matter.

Too many believe that working American households' access to quality housing options they can afford is a political issue, not a business issue. And too many believe that putting effort into trying to turn the tide of political will toward more development of more housing for more moderate household income levels is fighting a losing battle in more communities every day, not less. Not worth the energy.... Read more...

OSHA Clarifies Position on Workplace Safety Incentive Programs and Post-Incident Drug Testing
On Oct. 11, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a memorandum clarifying how the prohibition against employee retaliation for reporting work-related injuries or illnesses applies to certain safety incentive programs and post-incident drug testing policies. The prohibition was included in OSHA’s final rule, “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses,” issued on May 12, 2016. In the preamble to that final rule, OSHA suggested that certain safety incentive programs could discourage employees from reporting injuries and illnesses (e.g., rewarding a team of employees a bonus if no one from the team is injured over some period of time) and would be prohibited by the rule.... Read more...

2018 HAP Award Finalists Announced!
The 2018 HAP (Homebuilders and Associates in Partnership) Award recipients will be announced October 23rd, at the 2018 Fall HBA of Metro Denver General Membership meeting. Join us to celebrate the 15 Builder Finalists and this year's top HAP Award Winners during this action-packed evening. COME SUPPORT AND CHEER ON YOUR FAVORITE BUILDER! Tables for 10 are available for a special sponsorship price of $750. Register today!... Read more...

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