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Spike Club

Become a Spike and Grow the HBA

Because members are so important to the HBA and the homebuilding industry, Spikes are our most valuable members of the association. When you recruit new members to the HBA, the NAHB recognizes and rewards your actions as a Spike Club member.

That’s because member-to-member recruiting efforts are the biggest source of growth for the HBA, and by extension, the NAHB. Spikes bring new blood to the association, which means new growth, stability and ideas. New members also can become leaders of the HBA, the CAHB and the NAHB, which is invaluable to our continued relevancy now and for years to come.

It’s why Spikes are so important to our future. Spikes help build the voice, power and influence of our industry, beginning right here at the Denver HBA.

Why be a Spike?

When you recruit, involve and keep members, you build and strengthen the HBA and the homebuilding industry. And the Spike Club rewards you for your efforts. While intangible, these rewards carry with them national recognition as an accomplished and well-connected member. There's more, too:

  • You get a highly coveted invitation to the Spike Party — the NAHB's biggest party of the year — at the International Builders Show.
  • You get increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities.
  • You're treated as a VIP throughout the year.
  • You can win prizes, awards and recognition from the HBA.
  • You can win NAHB awards for each level of achievement.

How Spike credits work

Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining members. You earn one Spike credit for each new member you sponsor. When a new member renews after the first year of membership, you automatically get one retention credit. For every year the member renews after that, you get half a credit for that renewal. As you accumulate more credits, you're eligible for more benefits and greater prestige. Check out the NAHB Spike Club for details.

Get Spike credit

Simply write your name on the 'Spike Credit' line of a membership application you share with a prospective new member. You can also get credit when through the on-line application.

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