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Aurora changing how fees are calculated for new buildings

Aurora’s new method makes cost calculations easier and more predictable

The city of Aurora will streamline how fees are calculated for new building construction projects starting June 13.

“It’s going to be fast, simple and predictable,” said Aurora’s chief building official Scott Berg.
Building fees pay for things such as plan review, permits and inspection services related to new building construction.
Up until now, Aurora determined building fees like many cities across the country: by a building’s construction cost.
Aurora’s new system will enable the customer to instantly calculate a building fee by multiplying the building square footage with a per-square-foot fee based on the building type.
“It allows our customers to determine the one-time fee in advance, and pay it when the permit is issued,” Berg said. “And the single fee is directly in line with what it costs us to supply services like plan review and revisions, department referrals, project amendments and permit issuance.”
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