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3 Colorado housing markets among healthiest in U.S., report says

A new SmartAsset study ranks the housing markets of three Colorado cities in the tip 10 healthiest in the United States.

Colorado Springs ranked No. 3, Aurora ranked No. 7 and Denver ranked No. 9.
The study used four factors to determine a healthy market: stability, affordability, fluidity, and risk of loss. It only considered cities with a population greater than 200,000.
On a national scale, Buffalo, New York, ranked No. 1 healthiest housing market in the U.S.
The study saw Colorado Springs homeowners living in their homes for an average of 11.9 years. Aurora and Denver were slightly lower at an average of 11.4 years.
Aurora topped the list of Colorado cities for ease of sale, risk and stability, followed by Colorado Springs and Denver in each category.
Regarding affordability, Colorado Springs topped the list, followed by Denver and then Aurora.  Read the full article By  and   –  Denver Business Journal
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