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PWB & YLC Speed Mentoring event inspires, builds value

Earlier this month PWB and YLC launched a highly anticipated new program, Speed Mentoring, which consisted of an hour of high energy, high speed interactions between inspiring mentors and receptive mentees. “I think your first annual Speed Mentoring event was very successful to the point where you should consider offering it more than once a year. The mentors were great. The group sizes were perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said attendee Erin Elston.

Leaders were tapped both inside and outside the building industry to provide high level mentoring and impart lessons learned on the road to success. Participants rotated every 10 minutes for new insights, motivation, and encouragement. “It was awesome! Went too fast!” said attendee Sarah McDaniel.

The outcome was a successful, well attended event that will become an ongoing program hosted by PWB and YLC. Mentor Chris Presley said, “Great event. I definitely think it should be a PWB staple.”

Speed Mentoring provided value for both the participants and the mentors. Not only did this create positive interactions, it was also a great networking opportunity between attendees and mentors alike.  “I loved the event, getting to talk to each person was really fun and I loved meeting the other women [and men] in attendance,” said attendee, Danielle Matazzoni.

With such great attendance and enthusiasm receiving this new program, the goal at the PWB and YLC is to take the feedback and make it an even better event next year. “I thought the event was fantastic, and you definitely have a repeat customer in me! I think some of the insight was invaluable,” expressed attendee, Scott Thompson.

Inspiration is the name of the game when it comes to creating valuable events and Speed Mentoring truly hit that mark. Stay tuned for a video recap of this incredible event!

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