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Mark Bailey, Toll Brothers Group President Elected 2020 HBA Board President

The 2020 HBA Board of Directors was installed to office during the Annual Gathering of Members in late October.  The 2020 Board of Directors' term begins December 1st, 2020. Immediately after his induction as 2020 HBA Board President, Mark Bailey shared the importance of every member of the home building industry supporting the HBA in his following inaugural remarks:

I’m often asked what the HBA does…..I struggle with that question because there is so much and it changes so rapidly.  So here is what I came up with. 

Everyone please close your eyes….


Imagine a world where you could walk into a city office….know exactly how long it would take to get a plat… know exactly how many homes you could build…..know exactly how you had to build those homes to pass inspections….know exactly how much it would cost and be able to predict exactly how much you would make…. 

Ok, open your eyes….


What if our industry was predictable……


The HBA, Chérie and her team, fight every day to make our world more predictable…Impact fees, minimum lot sizes, utilities, fire sprinklers, OSHA, Work force development and in countless other ways. 

The victories, large or small….may not impact my business directly or immediately. 

But they help the industry…. which in turn helps us all. 

Add to that the networking, training and celebrations…and there is no one entity that is more vital to our industry than the HBA. 

That is why it is so important that we foster it, invest our time in it and invest our money in it…..

Thank you all for attending tonight and supporting the HBA.  I’m looking forward to working with you in 2020 to try and make our industry just a little more predictable.     

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