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CDPHE COVID-19 Construction Guidance

CDPHE COVID-19 Construction Guidance 040120

Due to the unique issues related to supply chain, financing, contract deadlines, and public need, construction may continue under Governor Polis’ stay-at-home order as long as Social Distancing Requirements are followed on construction worksites. This is intended to allow for continuity of operations on critical infrastructure such as roads, rails, airports, housing (especially low-income housing), energy infrastructure and water infrastructure. However, as is reinforced by this guidance, construction projects and companies in their supply chain are Not Exempt from social distancing requirements, even if compliance means added cost. Hygiene protocols are strictly required. Moreover, people who are sick or at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 must not travel to work, even if they work for a Critical Business. The state also urges any small scale construction projects (e.g. home renovations) to be reasonably deferred without penalty. For large scale and public investment, projects should be evaluated on a case by case basis, in light of the guidance in this document, related to the stay-at-home order. Read entire document

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