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NAHB Call to Action – Contact Your Member of Congress on Soaring Lumber Costs


Contact Your Member of Congress on Soaring Lumber Costs

Housing’s potential to lead the economy forward is limited as long as lumber remains expensive and scarce. Congress needs to push the administration to undertake a thorough examination of the lumber supply chain, identify the causes for high prices and supply constraints, and seek immediate remedies that will increase production. 

Since the U.S. does not produce enough lumber to meet domestic needs, Congress can do its part to boost domestic production by doing a better job of more actively managing federal forest lands in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Lawmakers should also urge the White House to make it a priority to work with Canada on a new softwood lumber agreement that would end tariffs that are contributing to extreme price volatility. 

Learn more about NAHB's efforts to provide relief for rising material costs.

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