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2021 MHC Voters Guide Now Available

2021 MHC Voter Guide

Click image to download Voter Guide

The Metro Housing Coalition ("MHC") actively interviews and meets with candidates seeking elected office in local governments across the region.

For the upcoming November 2, 2021 Election, the MHC interviewed 60 candidates for mayor and city council seats in 12 municipalities where we have active home builders and members.

The MHC process for candidate interviews is very inclusive and thorough.  We send our questionnaire out broadly and invite candidates to respond and meet with us.  The opportunity to meet with and discuss important policy issues with local candidates across the region is one of our favorite and most important processes that we do as members.

This is an important election for many cities, and as we know, housing, growth and other issues involving the home building industry are on the top of everyone's mind.

Linked here, please find a comprehensive list of candidates the MHC Board of Directors voted to formally endorse and support in the November 2, 2021 Election.  We encourage you to share this document and information with people you know in these jurisdictions.  Thank you for participating and helping to spread the word.

Please reach out to Morgan Cullen with any questions.

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