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Jeff McGovern Installed as 2022 Home Builders Association President

Jeff's Inaugural Remarks, October 28, 2021

Jeff McGovern, Colorado President for Brookfield Residential is Home Builders Association of Metro Denver's 2022 Board President

Thank you all. I am humbled and honored to accept this position.

I want to spend my time with you talking about LEGACY.

At every point of transition, there is an opportunity to reflect on this idea of LEGACY. There are three parts to this LEGACY:

  • Legacy of the last year (2021). Angela Harris’ Legacy as your HBA President
  • What I’d like my Legacy as your HBA President to be
  • Legacy of this association which is far larger than any one of us in this room individually

Angela focused on three main topics in 2021:

  • Genuine care and concern for the Associate members of the HBA and People who give their time & Energy to the Councils and Committees
  • Sponsorships – Worked with HBA staff to create a competent & cohesive blueprint to drive this crucial revenue stream
  • Emerging Leaders Program – giving back and developing our next generation of leaders.


  • Emerging Leaders Program – continuing to grow and develop this program. We’ve done a poor job of developing the next leaders of our companies and our association. I challenge each of us to get behind the Emerging Leaders Inaugural Class introduced to us this evening by Aric Jones, and also the DU Student Chapter that will be presenting their IBS competition project later tonight.
  • Advocacy – At no time have we seen such prosperity: Supply Low, Prices up, more work than we can handle. Because of that – at no time have we faced such threats to our existence – No/Slow Growth Initiatives, Rising Fees (like recently in Castle Rock), Regulations, Slower Approval Time Frames… it goes on and on.

Let me share with you a quote from Ronald Reagan that is just as appropriate today:

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
It is moves, Tax it.
If it keeps moving, Regulate it, and
If it stops moving, subsidize it.”

We cannot stand idly by and allow these forces to take hold. We are the Collective Voice of the Industry. No one else is going to do it if you don’t – if WE don’t. We collectively share the burden of advocating for ourselves. Get involved: GAC, MHC, JTF’s, get in touch with Morgan Cullen to discover how to get involved!

  • Membership – without engaged and active members, there will be no one to advocate for and no resources to advocate with.  Katie Evereth and the membership committee are vitally important to our advocacy success.

Have you ever noticed that the HBA’s hashtag #HBA Here for Good has double meanings?

“for Good” meaning forever: What will people say about the HBA after another 78 years?

“for Good” meaning for benefit

    • Advocating for affordable, attainable housing
    • Growing the economy
    • Taking care of our neighbors
      • Home Builders Foundation – HBA’s Charity of Choice
      • Public/Private partnerships – solutions to homelessness

Just think what the HBA could do/how much the HBA could benefit others if money wasn’t an issue.

Support the HBA through Sponsorships, Events like this one, Advocacy, Council & Committee engagement, and through getting personally involved! What you invest, you receive far more in return.

Now more than ever, we need to be creative, bold, and brave.

One last timely quote from Ronald Reagan:

“The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave.”

Thank you and good night!

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