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Good Company: Ted Leighty

Voice of homebuilders in a challenging time

Ted Leighty has been CEO of the Colorado Association of Homebuilders (CAHB) since 2017 as well as CEO of the Homebuilders Association of Metro Denver since late 2020. The CAHB has 10 local builder associations across Colorado and a statewide membership of nearly 2,000, representing 40,000 jobs in the industry. The CAHB advocates legislative solutions for the homebuilding industry and opposes measures it believes impair the ability to deliver housing.

In the aftermath of the Marshall Fire, Leighty has been an authoritative voice as questions about the rebuilding process arise. The fire destroyed at least 1,084 homes and seven businesses on Dec. 30, making it the most destructive fire in state history.

ColoradoBiz spoke with Leighty on January 25 about the Marshall Fire and rebuilding issues, as well as his association’s role in remedying the state’s housing shortage. The interview has been edited for space constraints and clarity.  Read Full Article

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