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Join the Rebuild Effort – Marshall Fire Task Force

Dear Builder Members of the Metro Denver HBA:

We are quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of the tragic Marshall Fire during which Louisville, Superior and Boulder County lost over 1000 homes. Your Metro Denver HBA immediately formed a Task Force to coordinate and facilitate bringing the immense expertise and energy of our membership to bear to assist in the monumental rebuild task.

We are justly proud that over 75 members of your HBA have volunteered literally hundreds of hours of their time and expertise assisting the Marshall Fire families and participating HBA builders in responding to this enormous challenge.

Now as we approach this sobering anniversary, we are asking those builder members who are not now working on the fire rebuild to consider joining in the rebuild effort. Currently, Remington Homes, Sheffield Homes, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods®, Ascent Builders, Wood Brothers, and Porchfront Homes are participating in the rebuild effort, together with many of our trade and service partner associate members.

Based on building permit information provided by Superior, Louisville and Boulder County, only 166 permits have been pulled with another 48 in process, meaning almost 900 homes remain to be processed for rebuild – far more than the current builders can promptly process to completion.

Significantly changed market forces are affecting our Denver Metro market. Perhaps previously unavailable capacity is opening up that could be directed to the Marshall Fire rebuild. Regardless, we ask that you consider engaging in the fire rebuild. Our HBA website contains a wealth of information regarding the rebuild. And do not hesitate to call or email either Steve Erickson or Ted Leighty for information regarding the rebuild effort. We are certain that there remain Marshall Fire families who have yet to locate the ‘right’ builder for their home, and we believe that that ‘right’ builder is one of our Denver Metro HBA builders!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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