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Builder Rankings by Revenue: 2023 Housing Giants List

Pro Builder's annual Housing Giants rankings list provides a snapshot in time of builders’ perceived opportunities and challenges. These are the top 240 home builders in the nation, ranked by revenue

Pro Builder's latest Housing Giants list shows that while the nation's biggest builders collectively closed more houses and collected more money in 2022 than during the previous year, home building business was neither easy nor certain, with rising interest rates, skyrocketing home prices, and talk of an impending economic recession.

And the storm clouds remain as we close out the first half of 2023, with ongoing challenges created by low supply, lack of affordability, and escalating costs for construction materials and labor.

Still, U.S. home builders are a resilient bunch, and while the general economy is high on their list of challenges, a fair share (17%) also see it as an opportunity to grow, take market share, or pick up the pieces (and ideally land holdings) of others less able or nimble enough to weather the storm.

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