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Metro Housing Coalition’s 2023 Voter Guide

This November, municipalities across metro Denver will be holding elections with far reaching implications for the residential construction industry and our ability to meet the housing needs of Colorado residents. With attainable housing in metro Denver consistently ranked as one of this year’s most critical issues, the Metro Housing Coalition has made a concerted effort to elect more pro-housing candidates up and down the ballot. Issues like inclusionary zoning, net zero energy, rent control, metro districts, permitting delays and construction defects have been top of mind for elected officials and policymakers over the past couple years, and all will have a huge impact on residential construction for many years to come – making this year’s election extremely important for our industry.

To that end, The MHC Board just completed its outreach campaign for the fall election cycle. In total, 107 questionnaires were sent to candidates in 12 different municipalities. 47 follow-up candidate interviews were conducted, and 36 candidates ultimately received the MHC’s endorsement. While this process can feel a bit arduous, it is invaluable for the HBA to get to know the new and returning elected officials who will be making important decisions that will significantly impact our industry for years to come. We appreciate all of the MHC board members who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this important process.

Download MHC 2023 Voter Guide

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