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The HBA Advocate Newsletter | November 8, 2023


November 8, 2023

2023 Municipal Elections Offered Mixed Results for Metro Denver Builders

Last night, municipalities across metro Denver held elections with far reaching implications for the residential construction industry and our ability to meet the housing needs of Colorado residents. To that end, the MHC Board worked doggedly to help elect pro-housing candidates up and down the ballot in 12 different municipalities this election cycle - ultimately endorsing 36 different candidates. Our board also identified several “high-priority” areas that received additional attention and resources this year - including Aurora, Commerce City, Thornton and Westminster.

In Aurora, our MHC-endorsed candidates performed beyond our expectations across the ballot. Mayor Mike Coffman exceeded all projections winning a three-way race over opponents Councilmember Juan Marcano and newcomer Jeffrey Sandford race by 55% of the vote. Our endorsed candidates Stephanie Hancock, Angela Lawson and Francoise Bergan all won their respective races in ward 4, 5, and 6 handedly. In the Aurora at-large race, the MHC-endorsed candidate, Curtis Gardner also won reelection. Unfortunately, our other preferred candidate, Jono Scott in the at-large race, did not fare as well, conceding the open seat to incumbent Allison Coombs. Overall, the coalition of pro-business and pro-housing candidates not only successfully defended its majority last night but managed to add another seat on City Council as well.

In Commerce City, due to ongoing challenges with candidate recruitment, pro-housing candidates had an uphill battle overcoming the current 6-3 minority on Council. As of this morning, it appears MHC-endorsed candidates Rocky Teter in Ward 2 and At-Large candidate Charles Dukes will prevail this election cycle. There is also an outside chance that Ward 4 candidate David Diop could overcome his slim deficit against incumbent Susan Noble to pick up the seat. Unfortunately, it appears all but certain that mayoral candidate Rene’ Bullock will lose his three-way race to Steven Douglas. When the final votes are cast, it appears our pro-housing coalition will at least net one additional seat on council this cycle.

In Thornton, the MHC’s slate of candidates also performed well. Current Mayor Jan Kulmann cruised to reelection, as did fellow Ward 3 incumbent David Acunto. MHC-endorsed candidate Angie Bedolla is also slightly ahead in her race against Roberta Ayala in Ward 2. Unfortunately, candidates Eric Garcia and Nicole Matkowski did not perform as well, but Ward 4 candidate Chris Russell, (who works in the real estate industry) will be a champion on housing issues and will serve on Council for years to come.

Currently, the at-large City Council race in Westminster is still too close to call with four candidates maintaining a legitimate chance at winning the City’s three available council seats. Currently, MHC-endorsed candidates Clair Carmelia and Amber Hott both have a viable path to victory with 13.23% and 12.53% of the vote respectively. Unfortunately, the other two candidates who ran on an anti-growth platform-Kristine Ireland (13.76%) and Bruce Baker (12.54%) - are also running strong races as well. With only 37% of the ballots cast so far, this race remains fluid, and we will continue to keep our members updated.

2023 MHC Endorsed Candidates - Election Results:

John Marriott, Mayor - Lost
Michael Griffith, District 2 - Lost
Bob Loveridge, At-Large - Lost

Mike Coffman, Mayor - Won
Stephanie Hancock, Ward 4 - Won
Angela Lawson, Ward 5 - Won
Francoise Bergan, Ward 6 - Won
Curtis Gardner, At-Large - Won
Jono Scott, At-Large - Lost

Tom Green, Ward 1 - Won

Guyleen Castriotta, Mayor - Won
Kenny Nguyen, Ward 1 - Won
Peter Crouse, Ward 3 - Lost
Laurie Anderson, Ward 4 - Won

Castle Pines
Deborah Mulvey, District 1 - Won

Amy Tharp, District 1 - Won
Christine Sweetland, District 2 - Won
Richard Holt, District 3 - Won
Donal Sheehan, District 4 - Won

Commerce City
Rene’ Bullock, Mayor - Lost
Rocky Teter, Ward 2 - Won

Rich Trujillo, Ward 3 - Lost
David Diop, Ward 4 - Too Close to Call
Charles Dukes, At-Large - Won
Craig Hurst, At-Large - Lost

Wendi Strom, Mayor - Won
Roger Low, Ward 3 - Won
Jacob LeBure, Ward 5 -Won

Christopher Campbell, At-Large - Lost

Harrison Earl, Ward 1 - Lost
Nia Wassink, Ward 1 - Lost
Gary Hodges, Ward 3 - Lost

Jan Kulmann, Mayor - Won
Eric Garcia, Ward 1 - Lost
Angie Bedolla, Ward 2 - Too close to call
David Acunto, Ward 3 - Won
Nicole Matkowsky, Ward 4 - Lost

Claire Carmelia, At-Large - Too close to call
Amber Hott, At-Large - Too close to call
Jeff Jones, At-Large - Lost
Tim Pegg, At-Large - Lost
Richard Seymour, At-Large - Lost

Aurora Water Set to Increase Tap Fees in 2024

Citing significant increases in acquisition costs, Aurora Water is planning to increase water and sewer connection fees to help cover expenses for new development. Under the current proposal, sewer fees for new single-family detached homes will see a graduated increase over the next three years from $3,710 today to $6,411 in 2026, with 2024’s fees increasing to $4,452. New multi-family units will also see an increase from $1,892 today to $3,269 in 2026, with next year’s fees increasing to $2,270. A phased-in approach has also been scheduled for water-connection fees, but only through 2025. The 2024 proposed water connection-fee schedule varies depending on the type and the size of the home (measured by the number of bathrooms) and is outlined below:

HBA of Metro Denver Issue Tracker
Questions on what is happening in a specific city or county? The HBA is regularly monitoring the council and board activities in every political subdivision in the metro Denver area. Our Issue Tracker offers a great resource to learn about the issues being deliberated with links to agendas, packets and ordinances. The HBA of Metro Denver HBA Issue Tracker is available  to all members here.


HBA is looking for Members to Participate in Advocacy, Regulatory and Technical Committees in 2024

As a volunteer-driven organization, the HBA's Jobsite Safety CommitteePermitting CommitteeRegulated Utilities Committee and Stormwater Management Committee help guide the HBA's events and activities throughout the year. Consider joining one, or more, if you want to build strong, long-lasting relationships and make a difference to your fellow HBA members, while sharpening your leadership skills. Please visit the HBA website for more information or reach out to Morgan Cullen if you are ready to participate.

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