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Lawmakers consider bill to allow more ADUs in some Colorado cities

An ADU is a smaller, standalone residential home typically used as a rental.

By Jessica Gibbs – Reporter, Denver Business Journal

The bill would require that those jurisdictions allow detached single-family homeowners to have one ADU. Jurisdictions that can show they are going above and beyond the bill’s requirements to incentivize ADUs would be designated as “supportive jurisdictions” and qualify for grants that offset the costs of promoting ADUs.

The bill provides for other grants supporting lower and middle-income Coloradans building ADUs, renting them at affordable rates or supporting Coloradans with disabilities. The bill would also provide the Colorado Economic Development Commission with millions for programs to support residents through loans for construction, interest rates buy-downs on construction loans, down payment assistance and direct loans for constructing ADUs.

House Bill 24-1152 is sponsored by Rep. Judy Amabile, D-Boulder; Rep. Ron Weinberg, R-Loveland; Sen. Kyle Mullica, D-Thornton; and Sen. Tony Exum, D-Colorado Springs.

Ted Leighty, CEO of the Colorado Association of Home Builders, said in a statement about ADUs generally to the Denver Business Journal that the organization has been a participant in stakeholder conversations on ADUs and thanked Amabile for bringing the bill forward this year.

Read the full article in the Denver Business Journal

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