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HBA Advocacy Newsletter: May 2019

Adams County:
Adams County is considering implementing Traffic Impact Fees.  The advocacy team is working with Adams County staff and County Commissioners to voice our concerns and offer our assistance.  A meeting with Adams County and HBA members will be announced soon.

Aurora Uniform Development Ordinance (UDO):
The UDO process in Aurora has come to completion.  Aurora staff will make a final presentation to the Planning and Economic Development (PED) committee on May 8th and again to the Aurora Joint Task Force (JTF) members Thursday May 2nd.  The UDO time-frame is as follows:

  • UDO posted to website – May 1st
  • Public Comment Period – 30 Days
  • Community Presentation – May 21st
  • Planning and Zoning Study Session – May 22nd
  • Planning and Zoning Public Hearing – June 12th
  • City Council Study Session – June 24th
  • City Council 1st Reading & Public Hearing – July 15th
  • City Council 2nd Reading – August 5th

Aurora Affordable and Attainable Housing:
Aurora City Council continues to address affordable and attainable housing concerns.  Among a number of tools, they are considering raising the Aurora impact fees.  The HBA Aurora JTF held two meetings with Aurora staff and the consultant who performed the study, and one internal meeting.  The HBA Advocacy team was present for every study session to hear the concerns and questions of the city council.  The advocacy team met with every city councilmember to explain the adverse impact that additional fees will have on affordable housing.  The JTF presented the city council with a proposal that included:

  • Police & Fire implementation of a full flat-fee January 1, 2019
  • Tiered structure – price per square foot (Reduce large fees on small homes so they can stay attainable)
  • Recommended adopting 70% of the maximum allowable fee
  • Five-year phase-in
  • Credit for any facilities that may be built by the builder/developer (i.e., fire station, recreation center, etc.)

At a recent Saturday workshop, the city council asked Aurora staff to bring back the impact fee as a flat fee to include a three-year phase-in, with the exception of police and fire which will be implemented in full January 1, 2019.  First reading will be May 20th and the advocacy team will be there to voice our opposition to the fees.

The HBA is kicking off a new JTF on May 24th.

Broomfield Affordable Housing:
Broomfield is continuing to address affordable and attainable housing concerns.  Government Affairs staff and HBA members continue to participate in the Broomfield Housing Affordability Committee (HAC), along with Broomfield planning staff to ensure we can be a productive partner in this initiative.   Broomfield city council will receive a recommendation from the HAC at the June 18th study session.  T

Castle Rock: 
The advocacy team attends monthly contractor luncheons and is currently in contact with the Chief Building Official regarding the code update.  Issues of concern: Snow and Wind loading, though the advocacy team has met with the CBO and believe our concerns have been addressed.  First reading is May 21st and the advocacy team will be following the code changes as soon as they are released.  At the same time, the GESC/DESC manual is being converted to a TESC (Temporary) to split it into two separate processes.  Comments were due May 15th but if you have comments for the public hearing, please send those directly to Heidi Williams.

Commerce City:
Commerce City is planning to adopt the 2018 International Codes.  Issues of Concern: Residential fire-sprinklers in townhomes, more restrictive energy conservation standards under the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) and the transition of residential construction plans updated to the IRC and Energy Conservation provisions of the IRC and home builder costs to update their master model plans.  The city council study session is scheduled for June 24th with comments due on June 14th.

The HBA is rebooting the Denver JTF.  The first meeting (members only) is being held May 31st, 10:30 a.m. at Stapleton offices.  Please RSVP to Heidi Williams if you would like to attend.

The HBA kicked off the first JTF meeting in Erie on May 7th.  HBA member concerns were addressed and monthly meetings will be set up to continue working through issues and to assist staff with the Uniform Development Code process update.

Lakewood passed a new Construction Noise Ordinance on Monday April 22, 2019.  The noise ordinance will prohibit construction noise on Sundays and city recognized holidays.  There will be waivers available for projects that must be performed on these days.  The HBA submitted comments to staff and city council members, and testified at the hearing to voice our opposition to the noise ordinance.  The HBA did voice support of streamlining the times of construction Monday through Saturday which has now moved from two different times depending upon the type of work, to simply 7am – 9 pm for all types of construction projects.

Westminster is updating their codes.  The HBA Advocacy team worked through the updates with HBA members and submitted comments in May.

Government Affairs will continue to participate in the bi-monthly Development Code Task Force meetings.

Joint Task Force (JTF):
For participation in Aurora, Brighton, Denver or Erie JTFs, please contact Heidi Williams-

For participation in the Thornton JTF, please contact Chérie Talbert -

Upcoming Committee Meetings
RSVP to Heidi Williams,

All meetings are held at the HBA of Metro Denver offices at 9033 E. Easter Place Centennial, CO 80112.

Job Site Safety Committee

  • Date: May 21, 2019
  • Time: 2:00 pm

Permitting Committee

  • Arapahoe County Presentation
    • Date: June 20, 2019
    • Time: 9:30 am

Regulated Utilities Committee:

  • Date: June 6, 2019
  • Time: 10:00 am

Stormwater Committee:

  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control Presentation
    • Date: May 21, 2019
    • Time: 2:00 pm

Your HBA of Metro Denver Advocacy Team:

Heidi Williams, Director of Government Affairs

Chérie Talbert, CEO/Political Affairs

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