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Meet Chris Keale, AMC Member

Chris Keale

Owner & COO
T&G Flooring
303-293-8600 x801

How did you get started in your career?

I started my career as a systems analyst for Owens-Corning.   The first part of my career was spent designing business processes and using advanced technology to make things run more efficiently and more effectively.  Later, I ran a global consulting organization providing the same kind of services to Global 500 companies.

Has there been someone along the way that you credit with helping you to get where you are? And why? 

Early in my career, I worked for a terrific entrepreneur named Judy Odom.  She taught me a great deal about building winning organizations. A successful business is only truly rewarding when the results are achieved by a great team of smart, efficient, high-character people who operate with passion for your company’s mission. She called them A-players. My real job is to identify, hire, develop and retain A-players. 

What do you love about the home building industry? 

What I love about the home building industry is leaving behind a beautiful product.  In the technology consulting world, our work product was important but not truly beautiful.  At T&G Flooring, our floors add beauty to iconic Colorado places like the Clyfford Still Museum.  My craftsman do amazing work and I’m so proud of how they beautify Denver-area homes! 

Tell us three things about yourself that people do not know!

  1. My wife Emily is also my business partner (and T&G’s CEO). I work for her in every facet of my life!  I’m so blessed to be married to someone so beautiful and talented! 
  2. In my spare time, I love to cook.  I’ve even been to bread-baking school. Emily and I love to entertain. 
  3. I love improvisational comedy.  Think fast and never be afraid! 

Anything else you would like to share?

Your stuff doesn’t define you.  Your wins and losses don’t define you.   Your attitude does.   The only mark you leave that matters is the effect you had on the people you meet.  Be a good steward.  Always make time to care! 

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