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Meet Hope Marie Sneed, AMC Member

Hope Marie Sneed

Director of Business Development, BSB Design

How did you get started in your career?

I have been fascinated by architecture and design since I was very young, so it seemed fitting that my first “real” job was at the Design Center at the Ice House in Denver.  I worked for the management of the building and began meeting A&D professionals who were kind enough to share their knowledge and experience with me.  That led to 10 years with DuPont Corian where I began working with builders.  I then had the great fortune to join the team at Village Homes where I had a dream job – finding the latest and greatest home products and making them available to buyers through our design center and architectural processes.  After a little time away from the industry during the “market glitch,” I’m delighted to be back and doing yet another dream job – working with an extremely talented group of architects.

Has there been someone along the way that you credit with helping you to get where you are? And why? 

I have learned so much from many people along the way.  Two people in particular are John Osborn and Cheryl Schuette.  I admired John for several years before I joined Village Homes and felt lucky to be part of his team.  He was such an amazing visionary - I used to joke with him about carrying around a crystal ball.  He could look at a piece of ground and see a community – people living and raising families there.  Although John is no longer with us, I use many of the skills he taught me on a daily basis.  And, if it weren’t for Cheryl, I would have never experienced my first dream job.  She literally created an opportunity for me to use my unconventional set of skills and allowed me to learn and flourish in my role.  Additionally, during the “market glitch,” she kept in contact and gave me opportunities to work with her in many different capacities - which ultimately led back to where I am today.  I’m grateful for all of the guidance, connections and opportunities that she’s provided.

What do you love about the Home Building industry? 

People in our industry often joke about how crazy we all must be to do what we do.  I’m sure that is true, and I certainly resemble that remark.  However, I believe that our craziness is fueled by a simple passion to deliver a basic human need – housing.  I love being a part of this crazy group of people and hope to contribute all that I can to our combined endeavor.

Tell us three things about yourself that people do not know?

1)     I’m an Air force brat (born in Biloxi, Mississippi).

2)     Due to moving so much, attended 32 different schools.

3)     Enjoy target shooting and am a pretty good shot.

Anything else you would like to share?

Grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve experienced being a part of the HBA for many, many years and hope to stay for many more to come!

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