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Trade Council

What does this Council do?

In its forth year, the Trade Council works to promote strong, efficient, profitable relationships between HBA builder and trade partner members. The Trade Council is made up of dedicated trade members, devoted to identifying opportunities and creating strategies to move the industry forward.

From its inception in 2016 the Trade Council has worked to identify key opportunities in the homebuilding industry to improve jobsite readiness and efficiencies throughout the building process. Based on their findings, the Trade Council developed the Jobsite Readiness Handbook. In creating the Jobsite Readiness Handbook (JRH), the intent is to give Builders and Trades more information to help create a successful jobsite for all parties involved.  The JRH is a working document, which the Trade Council plans to continue improving through Quarterly Builder Roundtables.

As a Council, we look forward to the continued improvements and celebrated successes in the homebuilding industry.

Trade Council's Jobsite Readiness Handbook currently has two available versions:
These are downloadable files in Dropbox.

For best visual results, download file and open in Excel.

Membership Requirements and Annual Member Dues

HBA members in good standing can participate in the Trade Council. Talk to a Trade Council member about how you can join this council today!  

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Board Leadership
2019 Executive Officers

Co-Chair: Devin Bundy, McClure Concrete

Co-Chair: Brooke Clanton, Venture Painting

Vice-Chair: Garrett Vap, South Valley Drywall

Treasurer: David Baltz, Phoenix Framing

Secretary: TBA

2017 - Chair: Stewart Miller, Van Dyk Construction

Meeting times

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the North Conference Room at the HBA building. 

"My father started Venture Painting thirty eight years ago. During the decades at the helm he cultivated friendships and beneficial relationships along the way. Since his passing early last year, the lessons he emphasized have been the aspects that have afforded me the greatest opportunity for growth. Joining the Trade Council has been instrumental in starting me down the road toward developing similar relationships for myself. I’m looking forward to the years to come with this excellent organization." ~ Brooke Clanton, Owner, Venture Painting

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