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2022 Annual Awards Recipients honored at HBA Annual Meeting

The Home Builders Association of Metro Denver held the 2022 Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at the DU Cable Center. It was a celebratory evening as Jeff McGovern, Sr. Vice President of Home Building Operations for Epic Homes and 2022 HBA Board President welcomed 2023 HBA President Randy Carpenter, KB Home Colorado’s Division President. The HBA also presented the highly coveted Homebuilders and Associates in Partnership (HAP) awards and individual awards.

Jeff McGovern, 2022 Board President of the HBA began the night by thanking the generous HBA members who sponsored the event: HBA Organizational Sponsors Ent Credit Union, Ferguson, and Colten Mortgage along with event sponsors Oakwood Homes, KB Home, Lokal Homes, Westwood Professional Services, Norris Design, Redland, and Toll Brothers as well as Table Exhibitors DuChateau, Energy Logic, Offerpad, Roombldr, Gifts with an Edge, SunPower, Lighting Connection, and Ting Fiber before sharing his perspective on the State of the Industry and HBA.

As the evening proceeded, a whole-hearted thank you and applause were given to the serving 2022 HBA Board Members. McGovern then took attendees through the Board of Directors nominating process, announced the 12 elected builder/developer members that were elected to serve on the 2023 HBA Board of Directors (listed here) and called for ratification of the vote.

With that, Jeff McGovern administered the 2023 HBA presidential oath for Randy Carpenter and presented him with the customary gavel. Randy Carpenter took over with the installation of the 2023 Board of Directors, and provided his inaugural remarks.

After the induction of the board, HBA CEO, Ted Leighty presented the 2022 Awards for Associate, Volunteer and Home Builder of the Year, and also the Onwards & Upwards Award:

Erin Hurley, 2022 HBA Associate Member of the Year

2022 Associate of the Year: ERIN HURLEY        
Erin Hurley is a devoted member of our Denver HBA and actively involved and committed to many committees. She was this year’s PWB chairperson and has been proudly responsible and respectfully devoted not just with her time and skills but also with sincere emotion. Erin works daily to support not only PWB but many of HBA’s other committees, foundations, and events. She has spent endless hours helping other members be successful in their contributions when no one was there to witness her efforts. Erin simply wants to help HBA and its members. She is a great example of what we all wish we could find as the ideal Associate Member or Volunteer.  Erin has a kindness that is genuine, and wisdom related to our industry that takes her efforts beyond sales and marketing to all aspects of Home Building. Her willingness to help so many of us with no need for recognition in return has reinforced respect from many around her…

Another nomination for Erin stated that “Year in and year out we can count on three things - death, taxes, and Erin Hurley! Erin is a fabulous HBA asset! Every task or program she undertakes is performed excellently! As Chairwoman of the PWB and participation on other councils and committees, Erin is a go-to person who shares her enthusiasm, kindness, cooperation with panache!”  Congratulations to Erin Hurley, HBA’s 2022 Associate Member of the Year.

Beth Avedis, 2022 HBA Volunteer Member of the Year

2022 Volunteer of the Year: BETH AVEDIS
Our Volunteer of the Year recipient is well known in the HBA Council realm as an ever-positive role model, leader, and someone who simply GETS.  IT.  DONE.  This person has participated on the Membership Committee since its inception, is a current member of multiple Council boards as well as the HBA Board of Directors.  She is a past PWB chair, is the current PWB Treasurer, and took over as CBRC Event Chairperson this year – organizing and elevating CBRC events to a whole new level.  This member is always willing to help ANYWHERE needed, and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice, all the while picking up occasional singing gigs with her band FUNK KNUF – which is NOT her regular day job!  She was installed this evening to the 2023 HBA Board of Directors as the incoming Council Board Chairperson.  Thanks so much to Beth Avedis, Vice President of Builder Services, for Heritage Title Company - for her past, present and future volunteer service to the HBA and the industry.  Congratulations on being named HBA 2022 Volunteer of the Year.

Steve Erickson, 2022 HBA Builder Member of the Year

2022 Home Builder of the Year: STEVE ERICKSON
This builder is responsible for the design and implementation of the development projects for their company, including project development entity framework, debt and equity finance structure, and related matters. They are a founding member of their company with over 20 years’ of industry experience regarding the legal issues affecting real estate development.  A current board member who was also installed earlier this evening to serve a second consecutive year on the 2023 board.  This year’s honoree also co-chairs the HBA’s Marshall Fire Task Force, where they have spent countless hours assisting fire families and whose company is already engaged with over 50 fire families to rebuild their homes. We have really enjoyed getting to know this winner over the last year, we just wish it would have been under better circumstances.  It is our distinct privilege and pleasure to announce Steve Erickson of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods as this year’s Builder of the Year!

S. Robert August, 2022 Onwards & Upwards Award recipient

Onwards & Upwards Award: ROBERT AUGUST
This year, we are presenting a very special award to an individual who has exemplified progression, positivity, persistence, and some would even say, persuasion, within the home building industry for many years. The time they have dedicated to the Home Builders Association, and its members is possibly unparalleled to anyone else. Always willing to help, this individual will make phone calls to welcome new members, recruit members, and even do a little hounding to make certain that you pay your membership dues. This bow-tie clad man is also kind, witty, and sharp as a tack. Recognizing what he means to the HBA, its members, and staff, is why we created this award.

One of the first emails Ted Leighty received after the Marshall Fire was from this individual, and the essence is “we must do something and I will do whatever you need me to do”.  This individual then became one of our Marshall Fire Task Force co-chairs.  He has been a steadfast, energized and diligent leader in our efforts to assist with the recovery and rebuilding after the fire.  He spearheaded additional working groups so that our assistance could become more focused and beneficial to the fire families.  That led to many of our supplier, manufacturing and service providing members to offer discounts and rebates for fire families.  It also led to the execution of 17 educational sessions covering every discipline in the building process.  His work alone has touched so many of the fire families and we know they are grateful to him, too.

He has an indomitable spirit and boundless energy.  This year’s Onwards & Upwards award goes to S. Robert August.  Robert couldn’t be with us for the announcement, but we will make sure he gets his award and ensure he knows he has the deep gratitude of this HBA, as well as the entire Federation.  Let’s hear it for Mr. S. Robert August!

Congratulations to the 2022 Annual Awards Recipients! 

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